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  • Welcome
    to the portal of
    the Greek National Gallery Corfu Annex
    Corfu town, countryside, seaside: art and hospitality routes on the island of Corfu

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  • Painting in Corfu:
    The Greek National Gallery works of art
    take you on a tour around the island of the Phaeacians


  • Permanent Collection: A journey through time and art
    via the permanent collection of
    the Greek National Gallery Corfu Annex


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The National Gallery’s Most Important Works of Art

A selection among the most popular works of the permanent collection of the Corfu branch

Discover Corfu through interactive applications

Cultural routes through the town, the countryside and the seaside

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Δείτε εδώ τα πρακτικά της ημερίδας με τίτλο "Ο...

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  • "Ένα καλοκαιρινό έργο στη σημερινή βροχερή Κέρκυρα"

    6 8 2016

    Από τη σημερινή βροχερή Κέρκυρα, απολαμβάνουμε...

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